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Thirsty Moose pubsign

These restauranteurs have a good sense of humor. The pub is also a lovely restored Heritage building on main street (Bridge) in Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario. When I first moved to Carleton Place, more than 30 years ago, the building had weathered to its original wood. It sported lovely stained glass windows at the top of the larger windows. The old woman who owned this, at the time, kept a pile of metal scrap as high as the building, in the backyard. The pile covered the whole of the yard (now a quiet parking lot for clients) and even loomed above the building, making quite a sordid sight to shoppers on main street.

The point is that many people have cared to restore Wild West heritage buildings in this area, and each has offered the charm and courtesies that many dingy city structures seem, always to lack.

photo by Sue Risk



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