1992-95 Abstractions Folio: Mystery Eggs



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Mystery Eggs Folio

Top left to right: Egg 26, Egg 21, Egg 16, Lower left: Rae.

Mystery Eggs, Assorted

When I first conceived of the idea of creating abstractions, I had been making cardboard eggs.
I made a personalized abstract mystery on a three inch high egg for my Dad, and I could not get over how inspired he had been!

Since 1970, I had been in meditation upon the macro version of shaping upon earth, and also in space.
I did not get very far, but I had a theory about the shape of my body and of its' counterparts in nature- all of them- birds, trees, butterflies, etc.

Although I am neither a linguist nor a lexicographer, I was intrigued by what thinking actually generated the shaping of our worlds' alphabets, and I had faith in the concept that humankind, and indeed, our world, existed as a microcosm, a reflection of greater Creation.

This work was the result of co-operation between species, and is, directly, an attempt to record the thought and/or song of a small friends' love.

Abstract #1

Mystery Egg #1


Main Entry: lex·i·cog·ra·pher
Pronunciation: \?lek-s?-'kä-gr?-f?r\
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Greek lexikographos, from lexikon + Greek -graphos writer, from graphein to write
Date: 1658
: an author or editor of a dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary

To the left, one of my favourite paintings echoes the awareness of one of Natures' lexicographers.

Egg 7

Egg 7: acrylic and gouache on grey matteboard.

Egg 12

Egg 12, painted in 1992: acrylic/watercolour on watercolour paper

Egg 13

Egg 13: acrylic/watercolour on watercolour paper

Egg 24

Egg 24: acrylic and gouache on grey matteboard.

Perfect Stars

Perfect Stars: gouache on matting board

Perfect Stars

From my own perspective, eggs are not just the traditional egg shape. I conceived my images to be eggs of potential and microcosms of meaning.
Stars and Galaxies can be many shapes, when perceived through massive instruments, and they can also be viewed as "eggs",potential shaping of greater future beings, or entities.

The "Perfect Star" was an "egg" of my own sentiment and sensibilities. It was made for someone very special!


Hopetree: watercolour on watercolour paper

The "Hopetree"

Any situation or meditation can be a "mystery egg".

It hatches into ones' waking consciousness from any situation or substance, that matter records information, worlds, actions, images of what has been said or done.
A "mystery egg" is the same concept as a mandala.
,br /> A Mandala is an object of meditation focus for visualization, and it symbolized by a plain round circle of any colour or design.
Meditation mandalas can be any shape, though.

One day in meditation, I saw a universe develop from the radar image in an angler fishes' built in fishing rod.
The painting here holds potential like this. Like all matter, which is RNA/DNA, Its cells hold images of other lives besides its' own - a potential universe, if that small being, or its' image records, were the only one left!
Golden the Vine

Golden the Vine: gouache on matting board