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painted craft egg Life in a small town means that, often, one makes ones' own fun. Needless to say, most people in our area have tried their hand at arts and crafts. Opposite, one of the hand painted eggs I made a few years ago. 

Don't miss the womens' fairs if you are a visitor to Carleton Place - think bunched lavender, fine art, st.johns'wort oil, gem totems, lots more craft,like fancy candles, fashions, furniture, gem and aromatherapy readings, psychics and womens' help groups.

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I enjoyed all the festivals in this town for nearly thirty years. Touring the town for what was interesting, for my photocards, I have compiled some cherished memories. In the page linked here, I have licensed some of my photos for non-commercial reuse.
TO COME: A how-to page about how to make photocards.

                Milkweed Sketch

I spent several years sketching wildlife. To the left- the old fashioned way of preserving the look of our precious flora. It took me a day, but I sketched the details of indigenous Milkweed. You don't see the finite qualities of botanical arts on the net, especially not from an older photo, and there are lovely digital photos to take their place, but I still adore rendered fine botanical detail in watercolour or acrylic.

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Many excursions to a quiet waterfall in Appleton, three miles from CP, provided this detail from one of my favourite wildlife paintings.....

"Froglove in Appleton": Susan Mary Risk 1984

Detail of frogs by Appleton Falls


 I abstract

  some images 

from craft history, for instance.... the work opposite is from an etuscany vase revisited by Wedgewood designers, then abstracted. Lots of time for the library in a small town. CP settlers were mostly British, so many people research and collect British china.



often sketch live subjects,like the wild iris and iris corm shown in watercolour and ink pointilliste left and right.

Living near the Mississippi River North means a fine show of waterside irises and lilies, in the quieter bays of the river. Finding wild Purple Bearded Irises was easy. Since they grow by the river, a friend had snaffled some for her yard, and handed me some of these medicinal corms.
Each of these sketches links to a nearly life-sized image.


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