Holidays Carleton Place







warmth and beautyHolidays




A citizen might not have much ,but a few hours of strolling in town offer family fun and enjoyment...for free!
Family porch
To the left, familial cheer and sentiment sparkles a porch in town
Right, a simple statement says pure holiday spirit

Simple though  some areas may 
 be,  the  spirit of welcome exists

Mc Carten House, a handsome Heritage building, houses a local Realtor, (Remax)

McCarten House front porch

Happy Holidays

It's Anytown, Ontario, you might be saying to yourself- but this town sports a poshy seasonal pride! Everyone makes a cheerful statement!

A sense of order

Carleton Place loves to decorate, summer. fall or winter.
"Celebrate the Sparkle!"

To enter, click the door.

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