Found Art: Carleton Place




        What you would expect in a small town - a sense of gaiety, forest miracles at Christmas,a bit of cheer in every window. After all, we often make our own fun. To express sincere wishes for the Holidays, and for the New Year to come, I'm sending you this Holiday window, which is "found art" by a window painter, on a window of "The Thirsty Moose Pub". If you are reading this in July, no, skis and a parka will not be appropriate holiday wear should you wish to visit.

Sometimes even in Ottawa, our Capitol city 30 miles from Carleton Place, a moose or bear wanders into busy city streets. One of the most sincere wonders of the area is to return home from work along Highway seven. Invariably, in Summer months, gentle red deer and their little spotted fawns stand only steps away from the road.To see them surrounded by the glittering corn under brilliant skies gives us the kind of dreams and joys that make the Winter hoopla all the more meaningful.

So, I wish you and yours the most miraculous times in the year to come- this was made for the beginning of a whole new Millenium- 2,001. Happy Year to come!


photo for photocard by Susan Risk

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