D owntown  C arleton  Place

"Home of the Mississippi"


Carleton Place on Bridge Street.

The townhall is always a wonderful sight as one approaches the main street bridge from either side of the Mississippi River upon which it is built.
The picture to the right shows, typically, the townhall at sundown. Past the townhall, many interesting shops exhibit the creative spark and Heritage consciousness of local business owners.

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photo of townhall

Signs of all kinds

Downtown Bridge Street sports many heritage signs. Home of the Mississippi" reflects the name of the lovely river which flows through the town. Below images of some of the signs which have dignified Bridge Street in the last few years.
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Bike shop sign    pub sign    

Good foodco sign     Weaving Gallery Sign


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Living in the area is much like being a perennial tourist. Since I once made tourist photo-cards, I made my folio reflect the wonders of Lanarks' changing face. The arts and crafts also reflect the inspiration one experiences, from the areas' rich look.

TOP LEFT: Toms' sign, which has moved form Bridge Street.

TOP RIGHT: The Thirsty Moose is a pub and eatery opposite to the Goodfoodco on Bridge St. Super chips and taco dishes!

BELOW,LEFT: The Good Food Company is a wonderful, esoteric place to eat. Great decor. Really, gourmet cooking!

BELOW, RIGHT: I lived across the road from this wonderful weaving gallery,"The Blacksheep Gallery".
This studio sells all kinds of weaving and knitting yarns. Click to the large image, and you will see the grounds of this admirable gallery, where the lawn sported canvas teepees, one summer.

CENTER BELOW: A small image links to an expanded version one of the towns' floral business signs.

Blossomshop Sign

Our towns' business association, in conjunction with the Carleton Place Horticultural Society, has made the area lovely with planters and hanging baskets in the summer.


town planter

above-one the towns'many planters

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