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  1. Art:  .gif of 4 photos (below, SMR is:)Sue Mary Risk: (Picture Publisher and Flash)
  2.  Wood Angel taken with a Blacks automatic
  3.  Three Boats at Lake Park Lodge: Konica standard
  4.  St James Anglican Church beyond the Mississippi River Hydro Dam: Blacks' automatic
  5.  Town Hall in Carleton Place: Blacks' automatic
  6. (all pages) "Alt Inspiration" Logo by SMR (MSN PhotoDraw)

    Downtown Main Street

  1.   Carleton Place Townhall, from Findlay Green side of the Mississippi River. (Blacks')
  2.   "Signs" One of my favourite shots, was a photo taken of an antique sign in Mississippi Gorge Antiques. (Blacks')
  3.  Toms Bike Shop, Good Food Company, and The Thirsty Moose are the fine hand work of a sign specialist. Photos made with BL auto.(SMR)

    About Us

  1.  Sunshine button (.gif by SMR: Picture Publisher and Flash)
  2.  Porches illustration (.gif by SMR: msn Photodraw)
  3.  Canada Flag (free download)

    The Casual Arts

  1.   Canoes, Bergamot and Balloon all Blacks' auto shots from the banks of the Mississippi River. (SMR)
  2.   Wool wall hanging: made in Toronto for a client(SR)
  3.  Pointilliste Ink of Woody Nightshade, some watercolouring on whiteboard (SMR)
  4.  Drafting Xerox of 1903 fashion pages, collage, watercolour and print. (by SMR)
  5.  "R": (Acrylic on Masonite) employed fine rendering techniques of still life by SMR of - a Batik by Karen Taylor-Appleton, Remembrance Poppies,Canada badges, and a Porcelain initial R.) In the 90s, artists' battle cry became the humorous "Arrrr", meaning "Artists' Revenge".
  6. CRAFTS:
      a. Hand Made recycled paper (by SMR) using dried paperwhites, Chinese lantern case, eucalyptus leaves, and natural rose colouring from boiled Cinquefoil roots.
         b. Occasional Play Butterfly: made in Toronto( Chenille and Mohair) (SMR)


  1. Mississippi Paddle Steamer: (paddlesteamer.gif, animated) using Picture Publisher and Flash ,by (SMR)
  2. Canoes: Konica photo taken from waters edge next to CP Canoe Club.(SMR)
  3. "Black Eyed Susans":Occasional art: gouache and acrylic on whiteboard (SMR)
  4. Lake Park DockKonica photo by (SMR)
  5. Madawaki Birch CanoeAcrylic on masonite with pine pitch glaze (SMR)
  6. Roses and veils (Roseblood" : a detail of a large Acrylic on canvas: (SMR)
  7. Sweet White Clover: Acrylic on masonite. A beached canoe in riverside meadows (SMR)


    1. Christmas Eve Lamp-posts (Blacks auto)(SMR)
    2. Town Hall (auto,SMR)
    3. Angel
    4. St James
    5. Blossom Shop
    6. Cyber-Greeting: Found Art,"Merry Christ-moose"(window painter: name pending)
    7. "The Fig Tree" (a story of the littlest minorahs) Chalk on colour paper: (SMR)
    8. Dawn on Franktown Road* :
        * though it wasn't December, the light was at its' most joyous for Main Street. The image reminded me of my son, walking along Franktown Road from the Grayhound bus-stop, as he came home to visit from University. I originally entitled it: "Comin' Home"
      ** all photos on page (Blacks auto-SMR) **



      Harvest (Celebrations)

    1. "Licorice Ecstacy: Gorgeous , fresh pumpkins in the pouring rain, piled onto slick, black asphalt, are waiting for children to carve them, during Harvest Festival. (SMR) :Blacks Auto Photo
    2. Scarecrow 1 (The Reformer) One of the Prizewinners, by CP business owner
    3. Tonys Giant Pumpkins: watercolour on watercolour paper (SMR)photo by Katy Dale
    4. Scarecrow 2 (Burlap 'Crow)'The Un-scarecrow' by CP business owner... I posted these for kids to have some fun with!
    5. Lake Ave Harvest Deco (by Barbara Brown for the CP business association; CP business owner and )
    6. Gourds(chosen by the Blossom Shop for street beauty)I was with my relatives, Davin Risk and Gayla Trail, at the time. When I received my photo back, I felt that it was so perfectly calm and correct, because we had such a lovely fall weather forest walk, we were all stoned out of our gourds. )
        **1,2,4,5 and 6 photos by SMR, (BL auto)

      More Art

    1. Magnolia Egg by SMR : goache on cardboard.(well, I was proud of it!)
    2. Milkweed Sketch: acrylic on paper: from my sketchbook, lost from a gallery exhibit. This was a sketch for a larger piece, framed and given to a friend, Linda Segal, of Victoria, BC. Photo by Katy Dale
    3. "Froglove in Appleton" my favourite wildlife work, was made in acrylic using stained canvas technique. (In the possession of the artist: SMR)/ Photo with Camedia (SMR)
    4. "Wedgewood Mystery Egg": Theme derived from a study of Wedgewood from the Wedgewood book;their concept of an Etuscany vase: acrylic on grey matte board. (SMR) /Photo by Katy Dale, Almonte
    5. Purple Bearded Iris Sketch : watercolour on hard-diary paper(SMR) scanned
    6. Purple Bearded Iris corm: ink pointilliste sketch of corm on paper.(SMR)scanned


    1. Porches Main Page 1
        a. Strawberry Corn 75 cents   b. Spring Planting Porch    c. Winter Rose Garden: Victoria School Museum    d. Summer plans 1. Porches main page images (the four seasons)are all from the Blacks Auto (SMR)
    2. Porches (.gif) illustration (SMR) Flash and MSN Photodraw.
    3. Casual Porches2
        a. Lollys Tearoom    b.Town Hall Front Stoop    c.   Winter Back Porch              d.  A chess table in Findlay Memorial Park      e. Zion Memorial United Church Side door 2. All casual porch images from Blacks Auto (SMR)
    4. Holiday Porches


      1. Family Porch
      2. Lilac-swept Porch
      3. McCarten House
      4. Anytown, Ontario
      5. Formal Bows3. all images from a Blacks auto: SMR


      1. Tulips: Acrylic on canvas (SMR)
      2. "And": photo of ice found in the lexicon of creation/formation by Konica (SMR)
      3. Evening Grosbeak: acrylic and watercolour on watercolour paper.(SMR)
      4. Blossom Shop Sign: originator- local sign maker (), Blacks auto(SMR)












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