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Carleton Place Canoe Club in 1995, by Sue Risk,  Northdays Image

canoes stored in winter

This photo was the subject of one of my first photocards. It is not from a newer digital camera. Instead, it was shot with a 30 year old Konika,manually.We have come a long way in a few years as to acuity from our equipment, and also in terms of the degree of high tech expertise individual pc users increasingly enjoy.I have rescanned this photo from a 7x5" glossy. I sold quite a few of these in Carleton Place, as Photocards.
I love this photograph from the older camera. The beach is one of my winter haunts as well as in summer. One sees the stacked canoes, perhaps recalling the happy sounds of the summer.
The park next to this fills with half of the townspeople sometimes, like on Canada Day. There are Scottish pipe bands, rock, and contests for the kids. A little restaurant keeps people happy with coffee and fries, but how I long for the hot coffee on those winter days when I go down to the beach to keep company with the ducks , geese and buffleheads who are into polar-bear dips. Why do they stay? If it were gulls I would have the answer- they hang around the chip stand for free fries all day. Give one of our gulls some chips and they will mail you a postcard of orange blossoms from one of their luxurious tours of California or Florida. The birds are not the only dips- our town has a yearly polar bear dip contest, and one year I was one of the insane but hearty participants. I was unfortunately late for the contest and the ambulance was just pulling away, but my friends and I took to the Canoe Club beach (Riverside Park) and I picked over the ice at waters' edge in my striped long johns and fur hat.My reward was a three hour case of hypothermia and an outrageous memory to last a lifetime! The things people do for sport out here in the country!

photo by Sue Risk

LINK to for more 80s to 90s shots of Carleton Place waterways, and of Carleton Place Canoe Club.



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