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painting entitled R

A. R. ! meant: "Artists' Revenge", said humourously during this era (80s to 90s).

Karen Taylors' evbatik, which she gave to me a long time ago, was so saucily the epitome of Lanark Arts (and of 'our life and times - ha!') that I could not resist recording the actual batik, in case it just got too faded and dusty. (At the top left, one may see a yellow thumbtack, since the batik and R lived together, on my kitchen wall. ) The R was a china piece, kept since my name starts with an R.
I collected  'Yes Canada' and Canada flag buttons, along with a daisy pin, Remembrance day poppies, and a stick-on kiss from "Mississippi River Daze" Festival, because I felt that the subject (as depicted, within the batik) (and, as so much extraneous beeswax, as projected (right off the wall) by hacks-hell!") deserved both the cheers, as well as  "Ar"      !

So, this is one of the few pieces that I have done that is, actually "Post Modern" in its approach. Art by Karen is remade and re-viewed, this time not as a batik, but a painted version, with its array of found objects, and set into a commentary (with the R so sacred to an artists' nature) made of its secondary environment (my home).

(Karen Taylor is a fine artist and film-maker in Balderson, ON.)

acrylic on masonite by Susan Mary Risk

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