Wildlife:   Carleton Place

"Frog Love in Appleton"

Froglove in Appleton

"Froglove in Appleton" :  Wildlife Acrylic on Canvas by Susan Mary Risk

As you can see from the texture of this painting, the background was acheived with a stained canvas technique, the qualities of water, mist, and quietude being kept transparent and moving.The Falls is two miles from Carleton Place. I loved going to Appleton Falls (now a Hydro dam site, though still very pretty). I have fond memories of pouring into the gentle water naked, after a boiling day at the Ex! No-one ever bothered us. The flowers shown reflect the untouched beauty of Ontario wetlands. Rarely have I seen the Wild Climatis, though it is an Ontario indigene. Not only was there a purple Climatis, but a white one as well.
The silken ties to the Loosestrife represent the slim vision that grasses and plants have, a type of plant radar that waves in unison, to bend, but to show, shimmeringly, those that may have passed by, to be recorded by the weeds.
The heart shape above the frogs is meant to be air. If I want to, I see air bubbles as if moving, shining glass pockets.

I still own the painting, which is still available at the price of $20,000.


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