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Angel Sculpture

Angel buffs: I found this marvellous sculpture at Mississippi Gorge Antiques and thought the juxtaposition of the angel with the Wabasso Rabbit was appropos- a sign of the Goddess! Mississippi Gorge has a wonderful web site which is quite country and familial. At the back of the Antique store, prepare to be  greeted by beautiful, friendly white doves fluttering in and out of their favourite perch. 
At auction this winter, Bill said he was concentrating on antique rubber and plastics- going Industrial, I guess!


photos by Sue Risk , Northdays Image

  To the right- what you are liable to see from theTearoom window-The Mississippi River

{  and, Bills' Birdhouses !   }

  View from the Tearoom
An extensive antique glass collection  
Here is a view from inside the Mississippi Gorge antique store.
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