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From Valentine Series

acrylic painting on canvas

It is unfortunate that my slide for this work was light-damaged.
The original was traded to McPherson Gallery some time ago, and I do not know where it has ended up, but I believe that I saw it in use by a lighting semiotician during an Oscar award session two years ago..
This work was made as part of a Valentine series. Acrylic on canvas illustrates Love themes as blood becomes roses. What is missing is a glass rose that I illustrated at top left. This symbolizes Love,as the rose that never withers.
It is wrapped as if mummified.The wrapping is both a sardonic gesture, an indication that the commercial form and sentiment are sentient, but also because of the sacredness of meaning in the idea that love is eternal- it rises again and reblooms as new petals and new ecstacies.
Wraps and ribbons symbolize the "tantras" (Sanskrit for threads) to and from all loved ones, whether through blood ties or through thought and intercourse.
I started a Valentine series when I was terribly depressed. The first painting was "Froglove in Appleton". I so loved the falls in Appleton, their quietly thrilling coolness, where we showered ourselves in the intense heat of August. I loved thw ild climatis that grew there, and took some home to paint it in detail. I also loved the wee creatures that lived there. What I loved saved me from despair, so I started a Valentine series to replace the void that I felt, as a very lonely person.No-one sent me Valentines, nor offered to me a full time relationship.When I made my Rose Valentine, it was perhaps the most sentimental of my works- a Valentine to Medicine, Meditation, and in rhythm with the very brilliant perception of a Naturopath whom I worshipped!

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