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Northdays Image is a design company in Ontario, Canada.The owner is an artist and web designer. Northdays started with the manufacture of photocards. This site is a mini arts folio, devoted to sharing the delightful inspiration that the countryside in Ontario, Canada, offers to we artists. At present, I am attempting to update the HTML 4.0 to 4.01, employing DHTML and also Javascripting, plus updated .css application. I hope that this meets with your satisfaction, although the site is lacking in long descriptions of the images, so far. If there is, in fact, interest, write, please, and tell me what you need to know! The Credits page (How Was it Made?) links to larger images.



(fine art, web design, computer graphics)


I was born Susan Mary Negodaeff , in London, England, and, although I never developed the London accent, I was born in "Cockney" territory, or "within the sound of Bow Bells", in London.

When I was ten, my parents, whose work was with a medical engineering branch of a respectable company, emigrated to Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. At age fourteen I moved with my family to Toronto. By the age of sixteen, I was enrolled in a four year College course at Ontario College of Art. I received my AOCA in 1967, also the year that I married, becoming Mrs. Susan Risk. My husband was also a silversmith, as well as a musician in a professional Blues Band.

My AOCA is in Material Arts: Metal Arts.

I enjoyed a varied arts career, and often took three jobs, although the contracts and part-timers were not always arts-related. I had a silversmithing business for eleven years, called "Deva" (registered on my Ontario vendors permit ) and worked in copper, silver and gold to create mostly jewellery. I worked as a jewellers' assistant in Whitehorse, Yukon, and travelled further, considerably, as younger folk tend to do.


When I moved to Carleton Place, in the Ottawa Valley, with my young son, in the eighties, I found a nice little house which offered some gardening space. I became hooked on the country and on organically grown veggies, also flower and herb gardening. My lifestyle let me switch to graphic design for a print company, and also to illustration for the Government of Canada (by contract). I started collecting silverware and also Heritage Canadiana furniture.The forests, rivers and bustling waterfalls called, and I became a recluse, trying my luck at wildlife fine art. I sold a lot of these paintings in galleries, and lasted at this occupation for about six years.

My life in the small town of Carleton Place (30 miles from Ottawa, the capital of Canada) was quiet, but I stayed there for most of 26 years. The area is magnificent to see, and I enjoyed participating in amateur theatre, exercise classes, swimming in the lovely river, hiking, choir singing, selling art and craft in the farmers' market, and belonging to the local Horticultural Society. I made sketch studies of local flora and fauna. I also started a small photocard company called "Northdays Image" (my Ontario business license name for photographs.) The life I have led, in this country area, is intended to be reflected by the small sampler of fine art or photographic images this site presents.

When I was 37, I got pretty bored over the lack of interesting career opportunities, and returned to school, seeking higher education in a university. I now have a BA in Film, (Carleton University, '90-'91) with credits in Mass Communication and Theology, among other interesting topics. My son moved away, at age 19, the same year, and I moved to an area close to him for a while, where I worked as a Commercial Video Studio sales manager, and also as a videographer.

Seven years ago, I found that a computer would not explode if I did more to it than type in a database, and I started web design and graphics studies. A business course in the use of programs meant for web followed, three years later. I have been fairly well-equipped as a computer graphics or web designer for at least three years, having over six years of experience, now.

I first started a Geocities site (which is this folio about life in Carleton Place) and then began to study herb properties and progressive studies into alternative health care, so that I have another site called 'Herbs by Northdays Image'. I also write and research for my site called  'Arts for Medicine'.


Two years ago I moved to Glencairn, a suburb of Kanata, closer to Ottawa. My friend and I still enjoy some aspects of the country, since we live next to fields, at least on one side of our existence, and my Photolog (linked at the top) will often reflect the beauty and the saga of our area.

Phew. My son is now 38, and he lives in Toronto with his lovely lady, also a top professional web designer.

The two of them are a constant inspiration, except I long for the day when they can enjoy the mysteries and beauteous wonders of country life, themselves!!





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